Streaming service battle: Disney+

We’ve today got access to 2 months of free Disney+ access.
I’ve signed up, and checked it out this evening.

And to be frank: I’m not impressed.
Maybe it would be different if I had very small kids, but it’s a very slim offering, and a lot of kiddy content.

So I think that for me it’s Apple+ for a year (new apple watch :-)) and then again back to just Netflix if that does not impress as well.

How did you get that? It doesn’t launch until November.

test country for the service :slight_smile:

I hope for them it’s also a test offering

Our house is a huge Star Wars and Marvel house, so I hope it will be good for those movies. Sure we could be them all, but I do like Hulu and Nat Geo as well.

they’ll probably build out the catalogue, but right now it’s not all that attractive

racist stuff? What would that be?

I was hoping nobody would take the bait…

18 Marvel movies and the entire Star Wars franchise according to the Verge:

One Disney movie that is rarely if ever shown is Song of the South.

I was at Disneyland last week and went on Splash Mountain - I was quite surprised to see all the animatronics based on that film.

Ah, ok. Now I get it,

(And agree)