Streamlining RSS Triage from Reeder to ReadWise Reader

Hello fellow MacPowerUsers,

I’m hoping for some guidance on refining my current RSS workflow. Here’s the rundown:

  • I get all my RSS feeds through Feedbin.
  • I use Reeder on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad for sorting these articles.
  • Previously, I’d read and manage “Read Later” articles in Reeder, but now I’ve shifted to ReadWise Reader.

Here’s the hiccup: I have to manually share each article to ReadWise Reader from Reeder. While it’s not a huge hassle, it’s still an extra step I’d like to streamline.

I’m aware ReadWise Reader offers RSS, but I find it a tad slow. Hence, I’m sticking with Reeder. My two fixed points are:

  1. RSS feeds must go to Feedbin. (I’ve loads of newsletters there; migration isn’t an option.)
  2. I want my reading in ReadWise Reader.

Everything in between these two points is up for optimization.

Does anyone have suggestions to make this process smoother? All ideas welcome. Thank you!

I’m a bit confused as to your question, but I think there are unofficial Feedbin > Reader integrations, I’ve seen them mentioned before.

Having said that, I deliberately keep my RSS feeds separate from Reader. Like you, I use Reeder for this. I use Reeder to skim through all my RSS feeds. Then I use the sharesheet to send an article I want to read properly to Reader. It’s only 2 clicks. Since most stuff doesn’t need promoting to Reader, just skimming or ignoring, that works for me.

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I know it’s very long:

  1. Long press on the article
  2. Share
  3. Browse share sheet for Reader extension
  4. Click to select Reader
    (Adding tags / moving to later categories if applicable )
  5. Click again to close Reader

It just feels slow as a workflow .
Ideally I would to have an alternative to Reeder that would let me customize the swipe or add a button that would let me call the reader API in the background so that I turn that into 1 step instead of 5.
I could settle for a swipe or a button that would could the share sheet extension.

I am not doing that hundreds times a day but at least couple dozen and it just feels slow as a workflow.

I open the article before sharing (otherwise I don’t know if it’s worth sharing to Reader), but the long press of the title doesn’t seem that much more friction to me. I think you need to tweak your sharesheet menu though. Reader is the first app listed in my sharesheet (this is deliberate as it’s the app I use the most in the sharesheet). I open articles before sharing, so my action looks like this:

I suppose you do have to tap out the Reader menu after (you can tap anywhere on screen for this).

I am rubbish at tagging as I save, but I have a default view when I open Reader of all my untagged/unsorted content and I occasionally make an effort to sort it.