Strongbox Password Manager Sections

I’ve started using Strongbox.

How are people managing what were sections in 1 Password, that is having a login with multiple passwords such as is needed in bank login details?

I’d also be interested in anyone who managed to import from Minimalist to Strongbox and how they did it.

You can have custom fields for entries, if that’s what you mean? Perhaps I am confused, but what how does your bank login form look like?

Are you trying to automate what used to be referred to as the “security questions?” … Answers to questions like “what is your mother’s maiden name” and “in what city were you born” and “what is the name of your first pet?”

Didn’t think this coud be done.

A typical bank account would have:

  • username
  • pin
  • password

I’ve always had that in one login

I think it may have been a secure note. Each item is a password and can easily be copied. I have a lot of those.

I also have one note that has all my different hard disk encryption passwords.

Is this possible in strongbox?

Yes, you can have secure notes as in 1password (I have my 2FA recovery codes there). Also you can attach pictures to entries.

But for the login you mention, I think the best way would be to use a regular password entry with additional custom fields.

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Username, password, URL, and e-mail address are standard fields in Strongbox. You can create any other field that you need as a custom field, any of which may be hidden on the screen the same way a password is hidden by default. I’ve created more than 20 custom fields. Existing custom field names can be selected from a dropdown list when adding them to a new record.

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Strongbox doesn’t appear to import secure notes like this though. Anyone find a way to do this? I’m trying to import from a csv?

Migrate from 1Password to Strongbox

Please note that the new version of 1Password (version 8) no longer allows you to export your data in the 1PIF file format. It has added a new file format called 1PUX, which Strongbox does not currently support.

We’re working on adding support in a future update. In the meantime we recommend exporting your passwords to CSV and importing them to Strongbox that way. Please note that using a CSV file means you will need to manually copy across your attachments.

I think attachments are what you are calling a secure note.

Thanks for that, I’m actually exporting from Minimalist.

Sorry, you did say Minimalist. But I think it is still true that using a CSV means you will need to manually copy across your attachments. And you also did say you were trying to import from a CSV.

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