Struggling to convert .tcx files from exercise app to anything I can use outside of the app that created them

I’m trying to get like 10 years of running data out of the Nike Run Club app, I could never do this by hand due to the sheer volume but computers are failing me hard. After multiple exchanges I finally got Nike to send me my raw data but it’s hundreds of .tcx files that I need to convert into, I don’t know, .csv probably, or anything else I can open in Google Sheets. ChatGTP has me waaaaay down a rabbit hole so far I can’t climb back out… I’m over here updating Homebrew, which I haven’t used or thought about in years; inputting dozens of archaic commands into Terminal, yet nothing seems to be working on account of a variety of errors. Web search for multiple variations on “Mac .tcx converters” has been fruitless as well. Anyone have any expertise in this area?

Google search

"tcx to csv - Google Search

Gives some ideas including a link to some software that someone contributed to GitHub.

Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about Nike Run Club. Somebody on quora suggests “RunGap”. Somebody else suggests syncing Strava with NRC. Im aware you probably don’t want data in Strava per se, but it may have better export options from there. Have you looked into either of those?

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Looked at the Quantified Self forums but nothing there about converting TCX files (at least not since 2014).

My own dive into the murky waters of ChatGPT resulted in a) a description of the TCX format — because I asked for it and b) some sample python code to convert TCX format, which is basically XML, into CSV — because I asked how to convert from one to the other.

I have much the same issue trying to get data out of Apple Health on my iPhone/iPad. Exporting the data results in a ZIP file containing one XML for the data and hundreds of GPX files for my workout routes. That one XML is now around 200Mb and ever increasing. Think I would rather have a multitude of smaller files to process. [EDIT that XML file is now approaching 350Mb!]

This thread does remind me that I need to do another export from Apple Health. [EDIT Implied by previous EDIT export completed.]

I used Strava for about 3 weeks, years ago… had to uninstall and block the emails because nothing I could do could stem the flow of incessant emails, notifications, and spam. But I would totally reinstall it and try to import all that data if it meant I could get it out in some other way… thanks for the tip, maybe I’ll give this a try!

Yeah I followed all of the instructions it could give me on the Python script (including the homebrew bit I mentioned above) but couldn’t ever get it running from terminal. Was in way over my head at that point, anyway.

Yeah, sometimes one has to fiddle with the sample code ChatGPT suggests. At first glance the python code for TCX to CSV looks okay but tried for days to get an sed script to work until I realised that it based its code on the GNU version but macOS, by default, has the BSD version, which has a limited set of features in comparison.

What are you trying to get from them?

The tcx is the route file for the run so if you want the distance you ran etc, that data will be there, but among lots of other information such as the GPS coordinates.

GPS Babel should work. I’d have to check what exports Rubitrack can do, but that allows for TCX imports, and there’s a free version on the App Store that has some restricted features, so you could see if it works.

The data visualization just sucks within the app; I can’t view or manipulate the data in any way. Even if I could just pull out the dates, total time and distance, whether on a treadmill or outdoors, and elevation changes. Just that much would be amazing; I want to graph it myself and be able to drill down to certain years or time periods and filter data, etc. I don’t care about route information or maps or even splits. Also I hate that I feel so locked in to this one app because I’ve got such a huge back log - I haven’t even tried another running app in years (though I’ve wanted to) because the data I’ve logged over all this time is now far too valuable to me and I don’t want to abandon it and start from zero somewhere else without being able to export<->import. I will definitely check out the 2 apps you suggested, thank you for the feedback!

Also, Rubitrack looks nice but I couldn’t find the free version on the MacOS app store. GPS Babel looks promising though - just downloaded, will check it out hopefully this evening.

There’s one Rubitrack in the store - which I thought was free and then they made you pay for an annual subscription for the full thing if you wanted, but is that not the case? I’m still using Rubitrack 5 as it works on Apple Silicon and it’s not subscription based - haven’t seen sufficient reason to update to 6.

Just to note that the TCX files are generally industry standard, along with GPX files, so you shouldn’t be locked to only one service.

I’m pretty sure that Garmin Basecamp can view and import TCX files as well and that’s free - however, I’ve tended to use GPXSee for viewing individual files.

EDIT: Corrected link from Garmin Express to Basecamp.

Just installed Garmin Express, can’t import or open (at least from the menus), and prefs are super sparse - options only for running in background and setting an automated update schedule. And when you first open it there’s only 1 interface button and its “Add Device”. So… I guess this one’s out.

Sorry, that’s my fault. Express is the app for managing devices - I should have said Basecamp. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Edit: Just tried it and it doesn’t seem to import TCX files. :upside_down_face: