Stuck in reboot — MacBook Pro

I have a Genius Bar appointment for this evening to deal with the matter, but I’m just curious: has anyone ever had their laptop totally unable to boot?

The machine in question is a brand-new (1 week old) MacBook Pro 13” 2019.

Over the weekend, unlock with Apple Watch stopped working.

This morning, while I was working on it, it randomly rebooted itself.

Now it will not boot. At all. It gets partway there (I get to the login screen), then makes an odd whooshing sound, and restarts itself.

It won’t boot from local recovery. It won’t boot from an external hard drive. It won’t boot from internet recovery. I’ve tried the usual PRAM resets, etc.

No dice. It’s just weird.

Update: took the machine to the Genius Bar. The Geniuses couldn’t do anything more with it than I could.

Conclusion: bad logic board.

Solution: even exchange for a new machine.

When I was updating Catalina beta on my Mac Mini 2018, my logic board died as well and had to be replaced.

Ugh. That sounds like no fun at all. :frowning_face:

I was fortunate today in that at least I still had my iPad Pro and a work-issued Mac that I could keep working on.

Trying to go iPad only was the sole good thing about it. Only problem was getting audio while iPad was connected to an external monitor. But plugging a bluetooth adapter into the monitor solved it :slight_smile: