Studio Display Microphone cutting out in MS Teams

Hi all,

I’m finding in Windows my studio display’s mic cuts out after some time randomly. I’ve rebooted, am on the latest firmware, etc.

One thing I have found is that if I go into the Audio settings and disable the Studio Display Mic, then re-enable it comes back (even mid teams video call).

Camera and speakers work fine, just the mic.

Any ideas? Could this be a cable issue? Or anything else I could try?


I would suggest that if software has an impact on this (Turning it off and on again in software) then it’s unlikely to be a hardware problem.

How does this work with a Mac?

I have no issues with the microphone in teams with the macOS version.

As @aardy said, I’ve not had any issues on MacOS in teams either.

Welcome to the forum, @Simon_Pickard! Hopeful folks here can help resolve this.

Try this just in case it works: Microsoft Teams > Preferences > Devices > Automatically adjust mic sensitivity: set to off it not already.

A general troubleshooting procedure for the Studio Display is to re-boot it. Disconnect from power outlet, wait 1 minute then reconnect the power cord to the wall power outlet (or power strip).

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Yep, first thing I tried, didn’t solve it sadly.

Thanks, tried this, but didn’t help.
It feels more like a random device disconnection issue.

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