Studio Display power cord removable ... sort of

It appears that the Studio Display power cord is removable after all … with a little effort.

Linus takes Apple to task mercilessly for the non-removable power cord, then proceeds to remove the power cord. Twice.
To see this breathtaking event, go to time mark 17:45 and enjoy :grinning:

With that little problem now solved, perhaps we can do something about that pesky webcam …

Apple has a special tool to remove the power cord safely:

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… and I understand that Apple will sell you the tool for $99.99 … :grinning:

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But will they sell you a new cord? Or do you have to take the monitor in for repair?

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Good points. Even more basic, why did Apple do this, prompting all of this heartburn and all of these questions?

It’s a great monitor - I have two on order - but the power cord and webcam issues spoil the fun. You can’t beat the 218 pixels/inch resolution with anything other than the “old” iMac and the Pro Display XDR.

The $99 comment above was a joke, of course. But it appears that Apple will eventually need to sell the power cords separately for repairs. Someone’s pet will eventually claw or chew through a power cord … then what?

Do you need a tool to plug the cord in again?

A tool to remove a ‘proprietary’ cord :face_with_monocle:

I’ve not seen one but we had several 27“ retina iMacs at my company. The displays are beautiful. I don’t think anyone who takes reasonable care of these will have any cord problems.

I saw one in an Apple store today and they look really nice. But that cord thing is baffling.

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It snaps back in easily by hand. Not a one-way connector, but definitely some kind of asymmetrical design. The tool (as far as I can tell) just ensures leverage at the correct angle and without jerking.

I think their covid-related supply chain issues must manifest in weird ways, since they have unusual capabilities and don’t make many compromises that users can touch and see.

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