Studio Neat MagSafe Material Dock

Just got mine (the MagSafe + Apple Watch model). It’s quite nice. Simple, yet very high quality, like everything else I’ve gotten from them.


I’ve got the phone-only one on my desk, and got my wife the phone+watch one. Super well done.

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Looks very nice.

May I ask what does the dock actually do? As in the features? One still needs to have the magsafe from Apple? It seems like its a coaster for the magsafe. Unless I am missing something

Huge fan of Studio Neat - their pens are awesome.

The dock has micro suction pads on the bottom to stick it to the desk and another on top to stick the MagSafe charger to it. This lets you actually pick your phone up off the MagSafe puck, rather than having to pick up the phone with the MagSafe puck attached and detach the charger.

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ahhh. this makes sense. Thank you @ChrisUpchurch

Sometimes what is obvious to others is not obvious me :frowning:

I’d like something like this that can hold the iPhone upright so I can see it when seated at my desk.