Stumbled Upon Safari Tab Trick on Mac

Most of you may already know this but those who don’t I’m sharing a trick that I stumbled upon. As shown below I have Bookmark folders on the bookmarks tap in Safari. Normally, I click the down arrow to open the folder and select the bookmark I want. Today, I accidentally held the command key and then clicked on one of the folders. When doing so, ALL of the bookmarks open in tabs. While this is not generally preferable, I realized that I can create “project bookmark folders” and then when working on that project, Command+Click" that folder and all of my tabs open at once.

For example, I have a “Current Projects” bookmark folder containing all of the bookmarks I need for my top priority projects. With one click everything opens in tabs.

Like I said, nearly everyone on this forum probably has known this for a while but I just serendipitously discovered it.

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 3.28.34 PM


Well, FWIW, I didn’t know that, but I can share a related tip.

Open the “Bookmarks” view (⌘⇧L) and right-click on a folder and there is an option to “Open in New Tabs”. I have one of these for forums that I frequent, such as this one:

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These are awesome tips!
Caution if you use nested folders, because that trick will open all of them!

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I’ve used the menu option but did not realise there was a keyboard shortcut. I use it to (more) easily update all my WordPress installations. I created a folder of bookmarks to the update pages on each site.

BTW, that same menu is available on iPadOS by taping and holding.
Also, the ⌘⇧L shortcut opens and hides the Siderbar. That works great if you happen to have it set to Bookmarks (instead of reading list or history).
Should you use ⌘^1 will bring you to Bookmarks and ⌘^2 will take you to the reading list. Pressing those keys again will hide them (works on macOS and ipadOS).

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