Style Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts in Pages Not Working?

Since updating to Ventura and Pages 12.2 the keyboard shortcuts to apply text styles in Pages have stopped working.

In my most used template, I’ve set my most used styles to F1 and F2 keyboard shortcuts. On my keyboard I have to press Fn-F1, but that’s much faster than clicking the dropdown list with the touchpad.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any idea of a fix, or should I report to Apple?

(I’m pretty sure the problem is with Pages as the Function keys work applying styles in OmniOutliner.)

Can you post the shortcuts that aren’t working?

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 10.43.25 am

That still works in Pages 12.2 on Monterey. Of course that doesn’t mean Pages is not the culprit but it’s a data point.

So do you mean that these shortcuts work for you in Pages 12.2 and MacOS 12.X?

Yes. I didn’t try every style but I did try F1 = Title and F2 = Body. This is macOS 12.6 on a iMac Pro (Intel).

With Fluor you can eliminate having to press Fn on a app-by-app basis.