Suggestion: turn off the cmd-f keyboard shortcut in Disourse

I hope I’m not alone in being very annoyed by websites that hijack standard browser keyboard shortcuts. That’s why I’m pretty surprised to find that this Discourse forum takes control of ⌘F to find things on the page. I find this to be both annoying and in poor taste, in the same category as auto-playing videos.

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What browser are you using? I was just testing this in Safari on macOS High Sierra, and I’m not getting my ⌘F hijacked. Looking at the shortcut sheet for Discourse, “f” is bound to bookmarking, but ⌘F is not bound to anything. Are you using something like sticky keys by chance?

Nope. When I hit ⌘F on my Mac in Chrome, the Discourse search shows up instead of the browser search. It’s only when I’m reading a thread, not when browsing the forum categories or typing a reply.

It’s also not consistent, much like the reply-to badges.

Testing it just now, Discourse hijacks ⌘f in iOS Safari, but not on MacOS.

FWIW: I’m using latest Chrome on High Sierra – NO hijacking in my browser.

Like I said, it’s inconsistent. I haven’t figured out the conditions that make it happen.

I’ve found that the first command hijacks the find but if you type command F twice you have standard browser functionality like you’d expect. I was using chrome on MacOS.

Is it the same issue as listed here?

No. This is a website shortcut. A website can take over control of just about any shortcut. ⌘F works, it just doesn’t behave as it should.

Ah okay. Sounds like it’s this one then.

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Good find. That’s exactly what’s happening. I still find it to be user-hostile to capture an existing standard keyboard shortcut, though.

Totally agree, CMD+F in Chrome is my most used shortcut. Please change this!