Suggestions for place to hire graphic designer to do logo?

I’m looking for a place to post for a small graphic designer job, for hire, to design a logo as a work for hire so we own all rights to it. I’ve got a rough concept and some rough specs but there are so many places that offer that sort of service I’m getting overwhelmed to sort them out.

I was thinking folks here might either be one themselves and be willing to talk to me or know of a place that is good to start looking for someone.

I’ve hired this designer a few times and loved the results.

Put up a job request at and you’ll end up with dozens of offers from around the world, many ridiculously cheap. You’ll usually get small, watermarked versions of their first ideas for you, and if you choose someone they’ll usually iterate once or twice based on your feedback on the design you liked, then they’ll send you high-quality image files.

Fiverr is a go-to site for logo designers, but beware that many of the cheapest designers may be copying someone else’s work, or may be using some sort of app with preset designs.

This can be an issue with any cheap for-hire designer, not just Fiverr, but Fiverr has a lot of graphic design pros in very poor countries who do good work for very low prices, but cheap can sometimes mean ripoff.

Many years ago there was an article following someone using Fiverr’s previous incarnation, whose name I can’t remember, to create a logo for something like a summer camp. Customer had a dozen possible designers vying for his business but he ended up using someone whose work he loved and who provided high quality images on time. Only one problem: they flat-out copied the then-brand-new branding Adobe had just introduced to their apps (the ‘Periodic Table of Elements’ graphics), which he only learned about in the comments section when the article was published!

That said there are a lot of quality designers on Fiverr, many in Indonesia, India, Pakistan and The Philippines, they communicate well in English, and they can deliver high quality if you choose someone who has a high-enough feedback score (and you aren’t looking to choose the very lowest ‘deal’).

If you check out the site you’ll immediately see that designers are offering their services for as little as $10 or as much as $200+.

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I have used and recommended 99Designs I really like their model to have a large number of candidates to choose from. They seem to have more in the creative space there.

I have used Fiverr for many definable jobs. For example logo animation that I wrote the storyboard for and voice-overs

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