Suggestions using iOS reminders

I use iOS reminders on my phone for work.

But my problem is that for every job I get at work I get a job #, then I always have to do at minimum 4 things for each one, A,B,C,D, sometimes more but usually 4. My issue is how should I set this up, I used a reminder and put the job number then subtasks ABCD, and put a couple jobs on 1 reminder. Then I was thinking each one should be it’s own reminder list, which doesn’t seem bad. Should I just use the template feature.

I’m trying to see if other people had this problem at all. I know it’s all personal preference just looking for suggestions. Also would a smart list be better?
I just want something easy to use and keep track of my jobs at work.

I would use Todoist for that.
Each task can have sub tasks.
Or, you could make a job a project, with tasks.
There are also sections if you need to categorize tasks.
There is a lot of flexibility.

Todoist webaite