Sunsetting Schiller

I wondered when we might start seeing more execs announcing their scaling back of roles and eventual departures after Jony left, and today it is one of my personal favorites, Phil Schiller.

I know he’s got a little while before he completely steps back from Apple, and with Jony gone, it feels like we are in full swing of the exodus of those return-of-Jobs-era execs and major players of the last couple decades.

Jony leaving felt understandable to me, but something about hearing Schiller stepping back from one of his roles sort of left me feeling a bit melancholy and nostalgic today. I wish Phil the best in the weeks and months ahead and hope for a smooth transition.


I’ll miss him too, but apparently he’s not leaving as Jony did. More like becoming an Emeritus Professor of Apple.

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That’s what I was thinking too. I wonder if he’ll make any appearances at events or if he’ll just be keeping behind the scenes. Being in charge of the App Store also still seems like a pretty big job.

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What would you do if you’d earned a sh*tload of money over the years, and was getting 60?

This whole fellowship role sounds like something to keep him on the payroll without any responsibilities. Nice!

As for Ive, he probably wanted some more freedom too. But more in a creative way (i.e. not ‘just’ designing the next iPhone).


As a 60-yr-old, valued player at Apple for 23 years he doesn’t need to be on the payroll; he’s probably worth over $100 million. He’s there because he wants to be there.

All the major C-Suite executives there have been at it for decades. It’s a wonder more people from the C-suite haven’t departed.


33 years, not 23. He started in 1987. :grin:

I agree, he’s still responsible for the App Store and Developer relations. Significant to say the least, especially with Apple’s focus on increasing subscription revenue.

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My error. I was also off on his income - in 2011 he was granted 150,000 restricted stock units contingent on his staying at Apple for another five years. Those shares alone grew to 1.05 million shares after Apple’s 7-for-1 split in 2014, and are now worth nearly a half-billion dollars alone if he didn’t cash in. (They were valued at $60 million at the time.)

It’s an unusual career, giving so much of your life to such a massive and attention-getting company that you’re a public figure. I hope he is able to achieve his new priorities.

Which tells me that it is a tribute to Tim’s good leadership. It is hard to follow a legacy leader and Tim has done an outstanding job, from my obviously distant perspective.

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I bet there are many people that have no clue who he is. But even if, for half a billion (and a nice job at a company that does pretty well) I wouldn’t mind to be a semi-public figure either. Besides, I guess he didn’t (and doesn’t) have a bad time at Apple. There are worse companies to work for I think. Let’s not make him a saint.

As for the fellowship… he can now do whatever he wants and still gets a paycheck each month. A paycheck that he doesn’t need to pay the rent or buy groceries. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero issues with that. But it’s nice, isn’t it?