Superb Support! / Spark Users: Reply is Replying to All

Has anyone else had this issue using Spark? Whenever I receive an email to me with several people in the Cc: field and I select “Reply” ( NOT Reply All), Spark still adds everyone in the thread to the To: field even though I only want to “Reply” to the original sender. I’ve checked my settings and I don’t see any options related to this problem I’ve attached screenshots of the behavior.


Replies to All

I modified title title of this original post by adding “Superb Support!”

I posted this thread a few minutes after sending an email to Spark support. To be frank, I didn’t expect to get a reply let alone in under an hour! Spark support emailed me back within the hour and provided a response that solved “my problem.” Specifically, this is expected behavior on some group emails when the sender emails to the group. I’ve noticed that this varies by group—sometimes both Apple Mail and Spark will reply to ALL even when you select Reply. Yet, for some groups when you select Reply the email is sent only to the original sender. I have no idea what the underlying cause for the difference may be but regardless, I’m surprised and delighted by this level of developer support.

Well done Readdle GmbH!

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