Superb video on Amplenote for note taking, Zettelkasten, tasks, time blocking

First, let me be clear. I’m NOT changing my note taking app of choice—Craft. :slight_smile:
Second, I stumbled on this in a Craft Slack channel.
Third, this video is well produced, covers example workflows and is worth watching to the end.
Fourth, I’m sharing this only because others may find this of interest.


I can write it off immediately: it does not have a Mac app. It has an iOS/Android/web app, and a Chrome extension. No Mac app rules out even looking at it.

Edit: sorry to sound like a jerk. I watched most of the video, and it does look like a neat program if you don’t mind web apps or you’re iOS based.


Looks really good!
Especially the Hide Until date, that would be handy in NotePlan3.

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See this is why, @Bmosbacker, you are part of the problem.


This looks pretty neat. I agree the applessness is a downer, but the task weighting is compelling (and why don’t other apps do this? Seems so obvious!).


You sound like my wife! :slight_smile: Indeed, who needs one more note taking app to consider but I must say, if that was a native app it would be compelling. I thought the video production was outstanding.

I agree. A very thoughtful approach, and also well done.

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A screencastsonline tutorial on Amplenote dropped today.

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Ouch- ~$6 a month for their ‘entry’ level and $10 a month for the premium.
Too rich for my blood

Mine too; and I’m in no mood to change note apps at this point having just gone through the journey of assessing Craft vs Obsidian.

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