Sure would like an iPad Mini Pro

With the portability and power of the M2 MacBook Air I found myself using my 12.9 iPad less and less and found that my iPad Mini was the perfect device for what I use it for, content consumption and a little productivity, but would love a little more power.

And one else find a renewed love for their minis?

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I would love this! I haven’t used my Mini in ages (I use my 11” iPad Pro mostly). I used it a lot more when I was flying more actively as it was a great kneeboard for navigation and plates.

That being said, an iPad Mini Pro would be an insta-buy for me, I think. Even with my larger iPhone Max I would like to have a little bit bigger of a screen for travel. Would be great for books, etc, too.

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I don’t even need a iPad mini pro, but I just want a current gen chip in it! I want to use it as a Ereader at night but hate that it’s about 3 years old and pending update around the corner.

Also, the m1 iPads do surprisingly well with external monitor and keyboard/mouse with stage manager that I could see a Mac mini with at least m1 being a nice portable desktop setup as well.


I’m torn between keeping my mini and getting an 11 in. I need the 2 TB capacity of the 11 in so I can store all my photos. I didn’t realize just how large my Photos library is.

Sounds like around March 2024.

That’s my guess as well. While the mini is fine I have one to use for my job occasionally and it’s noticeable how much slower than my iPad Pro m1.

I was hoping for something earlier.