Survey: Only 6% of U.S. iPhone Users Who Set Up Apple Pay Actually Use It

What do you all think about this article? I might add that the only thing that has stopped me from even carrying cards is that there are a few places where I go that they don’t accept Apple Pay (but this is quickly diminishing) and gas stations. Since gas is pumped by an attendant here there is no way to use it. Also, I’d like to know a comparison with those who also have an Apple Watch. I have a feeling that would be an interesting comparison.

Survey: Only 6% of U.S. iPhone Users Who Set Up Apple Pay Actually Use It

Since my VISA provider doesn’t support Apple Pay, I’m certainly not going to give up my up-to 3% kickback through my VISA to use a debit card from my checking account.
I’m sure there are many others in my situation too.
Paying with watch or phone is novel, but using a card isn’t that hard.

I’ve found more and more of my spending moving to Apple Pay. In recent months, the monthly payment for my Apple Card (which I use only for Apple Pay) has often exceeded the monthly payment for the credit card I use as a physical card and for card number-based online payments.

Interestingly, while some of this use is in-person NFC transactions, a lot of it is on websites supporting Apple Pay. Online Apple Pay has become my default on websites that offer it.


Interesting. I think using Apple Pay still feels a bit like breaking a social contract, especially at a place you haven’t used it before. Pulling out a credit card with a contactless chip less so. So while I’m surprised by the low number I can see why some people never use it despite intending to.

I also would think many iPhone users set up their cards during phone setup just because they’re asked and never intend to use Apple Pay or don’t know how to activate it. The double-click shortcut is too obscure, in my opinion, for many people. And most don’t wear smartwatches.

There has been a big boost in my Apple Pay usage here because most places are now doing contactless payment because Covid-19. Of course there is always the transponder in all the new cards, but getting at my iPhone (which is in my shirt pocket) is easier than digging into my wallet in my pants.

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I will say this. Having it set up the past couple years has saved me a couple times when I forgot my wallet!

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They are seriously missing out. I wonder how many people are using Google Pay?

I’ve become a big convert to Apple Pay here in 2021 since I bought a new phone and charged it to interest-free payments on an Apple Card. I buy all my groceries with AP, most online purchases, etc., and earn almost instant 2-3% cash back to my Apple Cash account. I then pay the Apple Card balance from my debit card as soon as the charges clear. Free money back, more security by using Apple Pay, big win-win for me.

Since Apple card/pay came out, i have moved all the spending to it. There are a few hold outs which do not accept MasterCard but everything else is on my apple card. Particularly gas stations which accept apple pay are my favorite - my other card has been swiped/stolen at (i suspect) gas stations and i would like to avoid that again.

I am not much of a fast food user but the few times i used the drive through this year i was pleasantly surprised they have no issue with apply pay either. I see many/most grocery stores accept it, a wide variety of restaurants and even my mechanic. It is, by now, very well accepted and established here in SoCal.

I hesitate to break out the actual card and always ask for apple pay if possible - it seems more secure (though i do not know how much more)

From the article:

Apple has struggled to persuade users that Apple Pay is valuable enough to replace the more familiar plastic card, which does not require additional button presses and authentication steps such as Touch ID or Face ID

I have a hard time understanding this - i have my phone with me all the time but not my wallet. It is much simpler to go everywhere with just the phone then having to carry the damn wallet with all those cards. Happy days when i can finally ditch that thing forever!


I use Apple Pay for about 99% of purchases - usually with my Apple Watch.

I have an Apple Card, which is the card I use the most with Apple Pay. I use Apple Pay with contactless terminals in the real world as much as I can – it seems to work less reliably with U.S. gas station pumps. Maybe it’s just the pumps in the places I tend to travel.

I use Apple Pay for online purchases as often as I can – but, it fails in Safari on macOS more than 50% of the time. Just hangs.

I regularly have this strange address mismatch in Safari on macOS that doesn’t occur on iOS. I’m hoping that there will be greater reliability in Safari with the next macOS.

I’m in the UK, but I rarely get a card out to the point where I’m considering only carrying one card (and no wallet) just in case.

I’d guess I use Apple Pay for 80-90% of purchases (around L.A.). Even with a mask & not Face ID it’s easier than fumbling with a card.

Doesn’t the attendant bring a card reader to your car?

I’ve never seen a gas station here in Oregon that has a portable card reader for the attendant to use.

I use apple pay via an app at my petrol (gas) station - don’t need to interact with a real person :slight_smile:

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I’ve never seen a station with an attendant in SoCal (but I haven’t been to a gas station in 1.5 years since going electric….). But when I was in South Africa, where all gas is full service, every station had portable card readers for the attendants. Mostly b/c I think customers were suspicious of letting cards out of their sight.

Me, too. I took my daughter skiing and forgot my wallet once this winter. Apple Pay was the only reason we ate lunch that day.

What social contract is this? Please explain.

I have Apple Pay linked with my debit card and a couple credit cards. Default is the debit card, and I use it basically at every place that will take it, the NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS BEING HOME DEPOT AND LOWES!

For gas, I use the Mobil Speedpass app, which is great since you don’t have to really do anything, just pull up, pump, and go.

And Using Apple Pay on Apps or in websites is great. I use the Vivino app to buy wine, and it takes Apple Pay. Hit the Apple Pay button, confirm the transaction and boom you’re done! No need to enter an address, credit card, etc. It’s almost too easy. :grin:

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