Survey with auto entered email

Our media person at church is working on a survey for me. She does not know how to have the email address (and/or name) automatically inserted into the form. Does someone have a suggestion for me to get that done?

I hope I understand your question correctly. Your media person wants to have the audience entering the survey form automatically populated with the audience’s email address, correct?

I know that for people using google account, their email addressess will automatically entered when they fill in a Google Form, and they can change to another email addresses if they opt to. I believe the survey form can also work with non-google accounts but obvsiously their email addresses would not be auto-populated

Hope this helps

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As @fuzzygel has said, if someone outside your organisation completes a form there is no way for the email address to auto-populate. In Google Forms there is an option to make fields mandatory. If you need to keep a record of which person has completed the form (by logging their email address) then you can make this a mandatory filed that everyone must complete.

There is nothing to stop people entering a random email address which is not their own (e.g. but if respondents enter their own email address you can keep track of who has replied (and how many replies they have submitted). We use Office 365 at work and I think their forms work in a similar way.

Google forms would work as mentioned, but only for those who are logged into Google when they fill out the form.

The only other way I know to make this work would be to send the invitation through a commercial email platform, such as Active Campaign or Constant Contact. Assuming the form is on the same platform, you could use the system’s own personalization features to auto-complete that part of the form.

I’m not sure what survey tools you’re using, but you might reach out to them and see if they have a workaround.

Thank you.
Our church does use Constant Contact and our media expert is checking with our rector to see if we will upgrade it to use that function.