SwiftScan (formerly ScanPro) OCR issues

After going through the @MacSparky Paperless Field Guide I purchased a subscription to ScanPro (now called SwiftScan) and have found it to be a rather quick way to scan small documents. The one problem I am having is that the OCR when I scan documents using the app is pretty hit or miss. Guessing that I have to redo the OCR in PDFPen Pro as much as 2 out of 3 documents. Anyone else out there who has experience with SwiftScan having this issue? This is my first go with a scanning app so perhaps this is the best they can do. Thoughts? Thanks!



iPhone 12 Pro Max, Latest iOS, 512GB

I’ve used it generally successfully for 3-4 years, but I can’t offer any stats on success rates or anything like that. Do the docs scan ok when you use the same image with PDF Pen?

The scans are fine. Often I can select, copy, paste text from the OCR in SwiftScan but for whatever reason Hazel does not recognize the text. When I redo the OCR in PDFpen it seems Hazel does much better at recognizing the very same text.