Switch from Keychain to 1Password

I need help switching from Apple Keychain to 1Password. After I successfully make the change, I want to be able to walk my family through the process on a 1Password Family account. Any help with a tutorial or video would be great!

Does this help?

Unless it’s something weird on my phone, the question on that link doesn’t seem to have any responses.

A more direct link is this:

I have not used “Mr C’s” process, but I know a lot of other folks have, and it is highly regarded by the 1Password customer support folks. It’s not an official tool, but it’s one that they recommend.

That’s odd @GraemeS

At any rate this article recommends MrC’s converter as well.

Cheers. And I just found that the original link shows up fine on my MBP, oddly enough.

Thanks for the help. I’ll try again. When I tried to export, that option was grayed out.