Switched from Silver MacBook Pro to Space Gray? What's your experience?

Hello…I have been noodling about replacing a Silver 2013 MBP with a current Space Gray model. If you made the switch from Silver to Space Gray, I am curious what had you choose the darker colour and what are you appreciating about your decision?

I’ve read about scratches and wear and tear being more visible on the Space Gray as well as the frame around the screen being less prominent.

I’ve also come across observations about the brightness reflecting back from the area around the keyboard with the Silver and how its colour changes in different light environments.

If you made the switch, what did you consider in your decision? Would you also share your comments about any of the above and anything more which would help me (and other folks) with a final decision.

Thank you

I did the reverse switch: space grey to silver. Other than I got bored with the color, I really didn’t notice any difference. In fact, when my daughter (who has my space grey) sits next to me, I can’t really tell the difference unless I’m looking for it.

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There once was a time when you had to pay extra for a black MacBook over a white one. So I went for the space gray because it was the same price! And it looks different from the sea of silver computers, both Macs and Mac-wanabes.

As far as I can tell, the performance is the same.

Used both variants of MBP and really didn’t find any difference. I would go in a blink of an eye which ever I can get my hands on quick.

Space gray isn’t as distracting when in bright light.

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Thank you everyone for taking the time!