Switching AirPods automatically between iPhone, iPad and MAC

I have no issues switching between iPhone and iPad automatically with my Airpods Pro - but having now downloaded Big Sur I was expecting (according to the article and others https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/iphone/iph08b253c17/ios) that I would be able to benefit from automatically being able to switch to the sounds on my MacBook pro too.

So far this is not working for me.

I AM certainly signed into iCloud on All devices and have even signed out of everything before signing in again to try and reestablish a failed link.

Is everybody else also experiencing this OR have you managed to make this work across all three devices?

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Same experience here.

I often have the pop up on Mac showing my AirPods connected over a minute after I manually connected them. Other times I’ll connect them and they won’t work, and I’ll have to disconnect and reconnect.

I wish it worked like the iPhone and iPad hand off. That’s nearly instant and works reliably.

I’m debating giving AirBuddy 2 a shot. Switching from podcasts on my phone to meetings on my Mac is pretty painful right now.

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i’ll certainly give them time to sort it out as I’m sure they’ll have to given that (as you confirm) I am not the only person suffering with this.

It’s a shame though as I was looking forward to that as been one of the main reasons for upgrading.

it works for me, even too well!

I’ve now turned off auto switching on all devices but my iPhone.
The things keep jumping between devices while I’m using them
Find that really irritating.

Unfortunately the whole thing is totally broken for me. It worked for a brief time after the update (to iOS14, if I remember correctly?) but just after the next update it‘s worse than without the auto-detection. The AirPods (pro) won‘t connect or the volume is messed up. I switch from the car Bluetooth radio to the AirPods and it doesn’t adapt the volume. I always have the volume on the phone at the highest level in the car, then regulate the volume on the radio. So it bursts in my ears at full power. Recently I sent a voice message and after returning to the music, again it came back at maximum volume, even without changing any audio device. This is dangerous!

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Sounds like m I’m not the only one pissed of off with the AirPods experience.

What amazes me is that more people don’t seem to have anything to say about it :flushed::astonished:

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I really like it and it works well most of the time.

Only annoying things for me:

  • occasional non-connection
  • switching on a sound that I don’t want to hear (e.g. a clicking selection wheel

Another thing with the volume concerns the watch: I start playing music via the airPods and the volume is okay, but on the watch there is different volume indicated (high or low) than what’s actually playing. Once I turn the crown, the volume suddenly jumps to the one the watch „thinks“ I‘m having, either again bursting my ears or turning it very low or even zero. This way I’m getting totally confused, believing the music stopped, checking my internet connection or whatever, until I realize it’s only muted.

Having now tried everything that Apple has suggested like:

  • Signing out of iCloud on all devices;
  • Reinstalling Big Sur
  • Even replacing my Airpods Pro :scream:

None of this has made it possible to automatically pick up the sound for me.

I am frustrated.

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Me too. I have volume issues every day. I listen to music, I get a voice message, the music returns but is turned down to zero. Or the volume control on the digital crown is not reacting.