Switching from iPhone 8 Plus to XS

For those of you that transitioned from a Plus model to the X, or more recently the XS, did you have difficulty adapting to a narrower keyboard? We’re there any other difficulties?
I have opted not to go Max due to difficulty I have developed with holding on to my 8 Plus. Handling the smaller frame feels so much better but I am concerned how switching to a “smaller” display will play out.

Yes, I know it technically measures larger.

Is there anything I should prepare myself for?


I’m coming from a 7Plus and recently switched to a XS about 3 weeks ago. I find that the size is so much better for me in terms of handling it day to day. It only took a few days before I’ve gotten used to the keyboard.

I’ve handed my 7Plus to a friend just today and handled the 7Plus for a few minutes and now I didn’t mind that I switched to a smaller phone. I forgot how hard it is for me to handle a big phone like the 7Plus and much more at home with the XS size.

I went from the 8+ to XS Max and love the new phone. Face ID is awesome. I don’t do much typing on the phone as I am too old to use such a small keyboard. I do more reading on this phone…Kindle books and work-related PDFs/reports which I used to do on my iPad.

I upgraded a week ago from the 6S Plus to the Max and it was a seamless transition. I was surprised by how quickly I adjusted to the new buttonless swiping gestures. Typing is not an issue, nor is the extra height; I haven’t felt the need tp even try enabling Reachability.

The only issue I have is that my old iPhone’s case (from a now defunct company) was grippier than the $25 Incipio Carnaby case I bought for the Max, and using the Mac one-handed could be disastrous if I am jostled. I tried to apply skateboard grip-tape to it but the Incipio case has a slightly nubby fabric-like covering that sloughed off the tape.

Today I just ordered as a replacement the $12 Silk iPhone Xs Max Grip Case recommended by Wirecutter.com, and if that case still isn’t grippy enough, at least its plastic material should be able to better retain skate tape applied to it.

Once you’ve had the Silk case enough to know if it is sufficiently grippy can you let us know, please? I’ve always used Spigen Tough Armor for my cases, but I’m looking for a slimmer case, and that looks like it would work. I’ve found the Apple Leather case too slippery, so I think that might be a great in-between case. Thanks!

Last month I upgraded from my 8 Plus to the XS. Mainly because the smaller size / lower weight of the XS - the 8 Plus was too big for me and in the year I had it I came to regret feeling uncomfortable holding it or having it in my pocket. I also convinced myself that the camera was also a worthy reason to pull the trigger.

I found the size really really great on the XS - made me like using the phone again. No issues with the smaller screen or keyboard at all. The notch is annoying but not a deal breaker.

To my surprise I really found Face ID to be a game changer. Being able to skip typing a password and not really actively needing to do anything to unlock the iPhone XS really speeds up my use of the device.

I was expecting to be more wowed by the camera - but it turned out to be less significant of an upgrade - but it might be I haven’t concentrated on taking advantage of it. The screen is nicer but also not a huge factor for me.


The case just arrived from Amazon and it’s both slimmer and grippier than my Incipio case for the Max. First impression is that it solves my slipperiness/grippiness concerns pretty nicely! It’s got a basic look to it, but not an unattractive one. So it looks like I have a new case! Not bad for $12 - actually Amazon dropped the price to $8.39 for Black Friday, so I recommend it even more strongly. Just get it. And thanks to another good recommendation from Wirecutter!

And now my $25 Incipio case gets put in a desk drawer as a backup (and to mock me for a poor decision whenever I search through that drawer.)

I was nervous about Face ID. Seems like all I heard were complaints. But, I LOVE it. Works great. Agree >> “game changer”.

It was 16F in NYC this morning. FaceID does not recognize me with hat/hood/steamed glasses. (The nerve!)

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So, a bit of a follow up. I ended up getting the Max after spending the week reading responses here and doing my due diligence.

I opted to go with what would give me the most battery and utility and commit to finding a case that minimizes the strain on my hands. I’ve lived with the plus models since they launched and figure for now I should get what I WANT.

I absolutely love it and am having the easiest time typing versus any previous model. That little bit of extra width for the screen is amazing.