Switching to App Store version of Office 365?

Now that Office apps are available in the App Store, I’m considering deleting/uninstalling the versions I had directly downloaded from MS in order to take advantage of the App Store’s management, etc.

Has anybody else done this yet? Did you encounter any issues?

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I’ve considered this as well, primarily so I don’t have to worry about Microsofts separate update mechanism. I’ll be interested in hearing others’ experiences.

Yes, I made the switch. My Office 365 subscription was up for renewal so I re-subscribed via the Mac App Store. I didn’t run into any major issues. During the installation of the App Store version
I was asked to grant permission for the apps to access the login data stored on my keychain, which appeared to trigger some kind of handshake with the MS Mothership. (The MS support folks confirmed via an online chat that my subscription renewal was visible on their end.) The only difference I’ve noticed is that the UI icons are “lighter” in a design sense than they were in the MS download; otherwise everything is the same.


One Drive still works the same as before?

OneDrive has been in the App Store for a while now (like OneNote). I switched to the App Store version quite some time ago and it has worked fine the entire time.

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I made the switch to the App Store versions of the MS Office Suite last weekend.

I first logged out of the current versions of the MS Office Suite that I had downloaded from the Microsoft site. Then I used CleanMyMac X to I deleted the apps, along with the Microsoft AutoUpdater (FYI the AutoUpdater was not identified by CleanMyMac X, I had to track it down inside one of the libraries and delete it manually). I then downloaded the Office software from the Mac App Store, and logged back in using my Microsoft user and password. I had to grant a half dozen or so permissions for keychain access, but after that the software was fully operational and has been working fine.

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would the switch work with a corporate license as well?
Does anyone know?

I switched to an eBay purchased 5 User lifetime office 365 account and still going strong got 5TB of one drive Think its an Educational Licence and cost £20

I thought about this, but see no advantage because I mainly use Office 365 on my Windows VM. Microsoft’s press releases to the contrary, Office 365 on Windows is a much different (and better) set of app features than on macOS.

I went ahead and took the plunge and things are now working fine (using a corporate O365 license).

The app store versions can, it seems, install right over the top of the direct download versions. They do ask for a bunch of specific permissions when you first run them (as noted some places in the app store).

I did have some issues where the app store would show the app as not currently installed (a bug I’ve encountered with other apps in the iOS app store at times) but a restart or two and closing/reopening the app store seem to have resolved the problem.

If you use the App Store version can you load it onto all the computers you have that use the same appleid? My wife and I use a separate AppleId for our App Store purchases so we only have to buy an app once.

The apps are free, but require an O365 subscription to unlock full functionality. I understand that you can subscribe through the App Store. But I have no experience doing so since I just sign in with my work O365 ID.

I would assume you could do the same thing with a personal O365 ID, but I’ll leave it to somebody with direct experience to share.

I went ahead and deleted the apps and then downloaded the MAS versions.

The only thing that I’ve had to do is enter my account password a few times to allow keychain access.

This is because the MAS version of the apps and the direct downloads are signed with a different developer certificate. I don’t know the reasons for that, but it’s the only issue I’ve had thus far.

I use a corporate license and switched as soon as I saw that Office 365 was available in the App Store. Everything works fine. The switch was pretty seamless. I just wish that Skype for Business would show up in the App Store as well.

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Yeah, mine was a corporate license. Enterprise level 3 (E3) IIRC. It worked fine.

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I finally got around to switching over to the MAS version this weekend and all seems to be fine.

Was hoping that it would fix the beachball that happens when copying a cell in Excel but unfortunately no. Could be a Pastebot issue but haven’t investigated by blacklisting Excel.

I transferred to the App Store versions (MAS) of Office 365 a couple of weeks ago. All seemed great for the first few days, and the removal of Microsoft Auto Updater (MAU) from my computer was a Godsend. Unfortunately, I needed to use Word’s collaboration and shared document features soon thereafter. I will be waiting a while before fully switching to the MAS version.
While I was authenticated through my 365 account for MAS, I was required to authenticate again before accessing some of the sharing features. I could not accomplish this, in any Office app, and even edited my Mac’s Keychain items as a troubleshooting step. My institution’s IS/IT department and I concluded that it would be best to remove the applications and reinstall the MAU version. It is also worth noting that they have received other issues with the MAS version, to be fixed after restoring to the MAU version.
Anecdotally, it appears that the basic functions of the MAS version are great, just do not expect the thoroughness and full-feature set of the polished multi-billion dollar MAU version, yet. I will be waiting a couple months before trying it again. Best of luck!

Congrats! I am very happy that you are not running into large troubles. For context, what account type do you have? Personal or Enterprise? I am on my institution’s plan.