Swollen battery on MacBookPro with TouchBar

Within the past year Apple had a recall of sorts on swollen batteries on certain MacBooks and MacBook Pros but NOT any MacBook Pros with TouchBar. My late 2016 13” MBP with touchbar developed a swollen battery. When I took it in to the Apple Store this past week they said it would be at no cost to me (I don’t have Apple Care), so apparently the swollen battery problem includes the MBP with TouchBar. Weird. And heads up for any of you with a MBP with TouchBar - lay it closed on a flat surface and see if it rocks a little bit. May be an indication of a swollen battery. My laptop is now in Austin or wherever they sent it for 5-7 days. Estimate was a replacement of the top part of the laptop including the keyboard, not just the battery.

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Update: Picked up my repaired MacBook Pro this afternoon. Apple replaced the top case to include the battery and keyboard at no cost to me even though I don’t have AppleCare. Everything is working fine and the keyboard is no longer acting wonky (possibly due to the swollen battery causing the trackpad to hit my hands accidentally).