Sync craft with obsidian


because i’m a monster, i’m using both craft and obsidian to create strange palaces of data and text. yes: using both is ridiculous, but after long reflection i’ve come to accept i love them both. with gusto.

naturally, i’d like the markdown library to be synced and available to both craft and obsidian, but i can’t figure out a way to make them both live at once.

any ideas?

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I’ve only played with Craft a bit but I don’t see them allowing this. It’s quite at odds with their business model. The good news is WYSIWYG mode is on Obsidian’s roadmap. And I can confirm Obsidian + WYSIWYG is glorious as I’ve been rocking my own modified version of the Obsidian app with WYSIWYG a while now.

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I admire the ambition.

I have actually been down this road with NotePlan, back before the app could recognize .md files. That should have been easy: all I had to do was keep two directories in sync, one with .md files (for Obsidian) and the other with .txt files (for NotePlan). The files would’ve had the exact same contents.

I tried complicated Keyboard Maestro macros, Hazel, and a variety of things that I’ve since forgotten. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a solution that didn’t involve a ChronoSync purchase and setup, and I wasn’t willing to go quite that far (as I wasn’t sure ChronoSync would even work).

Your situation is even harder: Craft has its own data storage approach.

So, at a glance, the best I can come up with for this problem is a cycle setup. When you’re done working in Craft, press a button, and some macro will:

  • Quit Obsidian
  • Delete your Obsidian vault’s contents (not the .obsidian folder)
  • Export all your Craft data as markdown
  • Quit Craft
  • Move the files to your Obsidian vault
  • Open Obsidian

Then, vice versa when you’re done in Obsidian.

I can’t comment on how well your data will work in either app without some cleaning, which would be a whole other problem. I bet you’d have to have a series of text cleaning operations to get rid of e.g., Obsidian block link markup? I’m not sure.

Good luck!


::one hundred percent:::

i’ve been doing it this way, though without the help of a robot. thank you for the suggestion!

and, if we’re talking ambitious, chrono triggers and related ballyhoo: no thank you. i do not need to develop a keyboard maestro problem to solve my obsidian problem…


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the economic rationale for this is obvious, because there are few idiots like me who’ll continue to use both services just for their own peculiarities. still: they’re just bloody text files and i wrote the damn things.