Sync Fitbit Data into Health

Does anyone have suggestions for the current best way to sync my Fitbit data into Apple Health? Thanks for the suggestions.

There are a couple of Apps on the iPhone to do this.
I used “Sync Solver” for some time, but if you search within the Appstore for “Fitbit Health” you should be presented with a couple of Apps.


Thanks. I did look around, but the reviews vary wildly, so I just thought someone might have some suggestions from experience. Really appreciate your help.

Sync Solver worked for me, but I stopped using it a couple of years ago, because I switched from Fitbit to my Apple Watch. So I have no experience with the current App.

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I did use “Power Sync for Fitbit”, worked correct for me.

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Thank you so much; I appreciate it!

Thanks. I’m considering switching to an Apple Watch too. Fitbit has just been getting to be more and more of a pain, and their newer trackers aren’t even that inexpensive. But one thing I like to do is put the tiny Fitbit Tracker in my pocket. I can’t wear watches playing softball, for example.

I stopped using Fitbit, after I left those “tiny Fitbit Tracker” in my pocket, while the pocket was swimming inside of my washing machine… :innocent:


I actually still have the tiny Fitbit. I like using it in my pocket because I can’t always wear something (for example, during softball).