Sync Options for DEVONthink

I have been using Dropbox for syncing DEVONthink since I started using it some time ago. After watching the new @macsparky course, I decided to try CloudKit as a sync. I started getting memory usage by bird in excess of 10GB on my 8GB M1 MBA. It seems that bird has to do with iCloud sync, so I wondered if maybe the load is just due to the initial sync with CloudKit and the process of encrypting everything. I only have a total of less that 9GB in my databases and it seemed to be going on a long time.

Any thoughts? Should I just stay with Dropbox since I haven’t had any trouble with it?



Do the warnings persist?

I’m syncing 2 indexed databases (worth 1.5 gb of space) and have no warning at all on my baseline M1 MBA.

But I’m not syncing all that data, so…

Not really warnings. I’m getting a notice from CleanMyMac X that my memory is critical. Whenever I get that, I check Activity Monitor for the culprit. That’s when I saw that bird was gorging on memory.

At the time I did the original post, I hadn’t finished the interview section of the Field Guide. Several, including @MacSparky, talked about the time the first sync takes. So, maybe that’s the root cause of the problem with bird. I think I’ll take David’s advice and put it on to sync to CloudKit before I go to bed. I’ll just have to remember to disable BackBlaze for the night since bztransmit is my usual memory culprit.

I’ll see if that solves the problem.

Just a word of cautious. If you Mac continues to work fine, just ignore CleanMyMac. Those even though are not false alarms, they are not critical. It was discussed few days ago but can’t remember which thread, but your Mac is meant to utilize the memory it has, the problem happens when you have lots of swapping between memory and SSD.

For the time being if your Mac is performing as it is expected. Just enjoy using it.


I’d ignore that one completely. My experience with their memory monitoring is that it’s fairly useless. Just watch the process for a while and it should quiet down.

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Yes. Interesting thing when I set up to turn off Dropbox and activated CloudKit. Within 2 minutes, it told me everything was synced and it was good to go. Would like to confirm, but I know nothing about CloudKit. I checked iCloud Drive but didn’t see anything regarding DEVONthink or dtbase. Are these files accessible in the cloud?

For faster sync, I copy, the databases over to the new machine and then turn sync on.

The files DEVONthink uses to sync are not accessible. Only accessible by DEVONthink to make sync happen amongst your devices that are connected.

Thanks to all. Seems to be running quite well on CloudKit with no delays or overuse of memory. I guess the moral is, “Be patient.”

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Pretty much good advice in all facets of life :wink:

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That just brought to mind the poster from a few decades ago. Two buzzards sitting on a tree limb and one says to the other, “Patience, hell! I’m going to kill something!”

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Love it. Going to send it to some friends.

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