Sync Outlook calendar events to Fantastical (with Apple Script or something?)

I’m fully prepared for the answer to my question to be a resounding “impossible!” but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask… just in case.

I’ve got an Office365 account with my day job, and they’ve locked down that account like nobody’s business. They won’t allow Fantastical, BusyCal, or even macOS or iOS system-level accounts to access the O365 data. So, I’m forced to use Outlook, and only Outlook, to perform all my email and calendar duties. The annoying part of it is I now need to check two calendar apps (one with my Outlook and one with my personal life and freelance work) every time I want to schedule a meeting, phone call, video shoot, etc. etc.

I noticed that DEVONthink supports email import from the Outlook application on my iMac so it got me wondering if there was a way to send (even a read-only version) my work calendar to Fantastical using whatever sorcery DEVONthink is using to see my Outlook inbox and archive.

I’ve thought about signing into my google calendar in the Outlook app, but I’m kind of a privacy nut, so I’d personally rather avoid having to stress or worry about trusting my workplace not to see the events from my google calendar. I have no evidence that they’re “spying” on me or anything, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Does anyone have any ideas to solve a problem like this?

I’ve never understood trying to “lock down” email since there are always copies of your messages that you cannot control.

In any event, other than subscribing to your google calendar it appears to me you are stuck checking both calendars. AFAIK unless you can write VBA scripts, exporting Outlook calendars can only be done manually.

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Understand that I’m not saying your security folks will approve, but there may be a way to share your calendar.

If you open outlook through the browser and go to the calendar, there is a share button and you can send an email to whatever account you normally use with Fantastical. The email will have a URL you can use to subscribe. I added it to the Apple Calendar app since Fantastical reads that. Open Calendar, then File->‘New Calendar Subscription…’ and paste the URL there.

You can get there from the Outlook client by opening the calendar and right-clicking on the one you want to see.


Thank you! They’re only concerned with account access, so sharing a read-only calendar is just fine. Thanks again!

Is that shared calendar read only?

(The company I work for also shut down all mail/calendar/contacts access outside Outlook; no more Spark/Fantastical/Cardhop now)

Yeah, it seems to be read-only. At least in our environment I have no options to do anything else.