Sync reading position in Apple Books

I’m currently reading a book in Apple Books on both my iPad and Mac (Mojave). For some reason, the reading position isn’t kept in sync as I switch between devices (highlights are). I’m sure this used to work, but it’s not now and I can’t see a setting or button to enable it. Is there something I need to do to keep my book in sync?

Same problem :confused:. Not what you want to hear, but I’m not sure a way around it. Does yours sync eventually, just not quickly?

It’s often hours (or days) between switching devices, and I’ve not had it sync.

Bookmarking works slightly better for me.

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My only thought is to highlight a section of the book right before you’re done—use a unique color—and then you can find that on the other device since highlights are syncing for you. Not ideal but might work for you

So am I right in noticing that Apple Books doesn’t have a sync feature like Kindle’s whispersync?

I also use bookmarks which is less than ideal, but works.

There is a feature called “Reading Now” that syncs progress between iOS devices but not the Mac. This does work well, I often switch from my iPad to iPhone and progress is saved as long as both are online.