Sync Yoink Data & Best Shelf App?

As long as someone brought up Yoink, I’m going to ask a question. When I first started using Yoink, I was coming from using Gladys as a file tray. It would sync across devices, so an item in iPhone would show up in Mac. When Yoink came along, I remember it would only be good for parking files within a device, i.e. to move something from one app to another. I remember writing the developer, and he confirmed this but he said he was working on it.

Has that changed? My need is not so much for a parking place for use within a device, but to get items from one device to another.

What’s the status of the shelf app world today?


If you enable sync inside of Yoink then it can indeed sync files between your devices using iCloud.

I might be wrong, but I guess there’s no iOS/ipadOS sync to the macOS version. It will, however sync between iPad and iPhone, but not to the Mac.

If you need to send a file to the Mac (or the other way around), you’ll need to AirDrop it or if you want to share a text string, then you can use the Universal Clipboard feature to copy it from one device and paste it into the other.

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What I really wish for is the functionality of Yoink and TextCase combined: A shelf app that can transform text and also that syncs between devices.

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Yoink’s sync options only work on iOS devices, not the mac unfortunately.

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That’s probably why I haven’t played with it much. Mostly I’m using it to move stuff within a single Mac - such as from Downloads to Applications (when a new Drafts beta comes out).

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Drafts should be able to do the text transformations that you’re thinking about

Right. I use Drafts a lot. (And now you’ve said that probably Drafts is the medium to practice Markdown in - per the other thread we’re conversing in today.)

My take is I’ll probably experiment over the weekend with a shortcut on the share sheet that invokes TextCase and puts the result into Yoink.