Syncing calendar from a managed app (outlook) to non-managed app

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I am using a MacBook to access my company’s office365 account, and it just works fine. But the Calendar doesn’t sync with the Macos built in calendar, I tried to connect the built in calendar and also some 3rd-party-calenders to access my offices 365 calendar, which gets denied (it seems the apps aren’t allowed by the company’s office365 preferences)
Is there anyway to kinda sync (one way sync from 365 to a 3rd-party or Mac-built in calendar would be fine). I love to manage task with omni-focus, but to manage my tasks I need to have access to my company’s office 365 calendar. Is there any way to sync or kinda copy the calendar entries from office 365 to those calendars?

any suggestions would be great

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I used CompanionLink to sync my corporate Outlook calendar and Google calendar for several years without problems or errors. CompanionLink also makes a tool to sync Outlook and Mac. I have not used that version of their tool, but it might be worth looking into.

Can you access your email in third-party apps? Are you trying to access your personal calendar or a shared calendar?

By doing so, this may put you in breach of your company’s Information Security policies.

Definitely going to echo @geoffaire‘s sentiment, you should check with your company’s data policy. In my case (working for a bank), it’s a definite no-no and they’ve clamped down on tons of that. However, if you are allowed, and you have access to Power Automate, you can build a rudimentary sync flow that will copy over your corporate calendar to a personal calendar like Google or something. The key is to “sync” often, and to wipe the slate clean on each sync and re-write each time. It’s kludgy, but it can work if you put in the time to properly understand how to extract the right fields from your O365 calendar.

Again though, really need to stress that you don’t breach your company’s data security policies. As much as I love Omnifocus and prefer the mac platform, it’s not worth risking my job over.

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