Synergy for Multiple Macs and their Peripherals

Has any one ever used Synergy on 2 Macs? The software permits you to connect to and control multiple Macs on one set of keyboard and mouse? Does it work on Macs? Anyone have any experience they are willing to share here?

Wow I haven’t used that in over a decade (probably version 1). Back when I last used Synergy, it was a small free opensource project. Don’t recall if it worked on Macs back then as I used it on multiple Linux machines.

In any event, I’m not sure why one would pay for this if you only want to connect two Macs. Apple provides their own similar solution for free called Universal Control.

I find that Universal Control meets my needs just fine and works as well as I recall the older version of Synergy working. Of course, I can’t speak to the current version of Synergy (apparently version 3).

However, if you wanted to connect a Mac with a Windows and/or Linux machine, then it might make sense to use Synergy. Or perhaps you are using an older MacOS version (prior to 12.4) which doesn’t support Universal Control. Either way, it appears that you can download a trial version and try it out. It would be interesting to hear how it compares to Universal Control.

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Yea, I just found the downloads page, they don’t offer a free trial. Also, one of the Macs I wish to control is on High Sierra so not supported.

Synergy sucks.

Barriers is the best free alternative. If you want paid, it’s Sharemouse, although it’s insanely expensive and the dev is an asshole.

I’ve had good results with Barrier sharing keyboard and mouse between macOS and a Linux box.

I haven’t used Synergy in years but I believe that you can download it via home brew without paying for the service and it worked across two macs. Recently, i’ve used barrier between a MBP and a mini and it worked for my needs.