Synology Diskstation

Hi Everyone, How do you upload FOLDERS from an iMac local drive running high sierra, to a shared folder on a Synology Diskstation using synologies own software ? Files upload fine, but Folders don’t, it’s crazy, if you cannot upload complete folders right ? Anyone got any experience or answers please. Thanks Stuart

I just mount the Synology volume in Finder and use the Mac’s own software to copy files. It supports both SMB and AFP, as far as I recall.


That’s what I do, never have used the Diskstation Synology Software

Curious by what you mean Synology software?

Have you logged in to NAS with your browser
and are using the file station software?

However I follow @airwhale and @LuisMartinez,
suggestions; mount the share and use Finder.

(AFP has been deprecated so I would suggest
SMB as your network protocol)

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+1 the finder suggestion

Thank you everyone for helping