Synology DSM 7.0 - Mount encrypted directory remotely from iOS

Rebooted Synology while out of town. Once rebooted, could not for the life of see (so unable to mount) an encrypted folder. First time through the experience and panicked thinking the folder must have been corrupted.

Note I was signed in to iOS Synology ‘DS finder’ with full admin credentials - same credentials used when on the same network. Ran through different setting areas, directories, could see all the folders except the target encrypted folder (only one encrypted atm.) Went to DSM Mobile, nothing. Went toDSM Desktop, nothing.

Back in town, get to the desktop and have no problem seeing the encrypted folder (and yes, same identical credentials) and was able ton mount, enter folder credentials and no problems, everything fine. Once mounted, the folder shows as expected to iOS. Nothing I have been able to locate in settings limiting the ability to see or mount encrypted folders.

Anyone run through the same experience?

A lot of folks are having trouble with DSM 7.0. Not sure if it’s a DSM 7.0 bug or not but I would go to Synology forums as there are a ton of complaints over there.

Posted there as well…

There hasn’t been much activity on this topic in either location. There has to be a way from the Synology iOS software to mount an encrypted directory.