Synology MR2200AC mesh router?

Is anyone familiar with this hardware? I saw the following article in my RSS feed, but when I clicked on it the article had apparently been pulled, not sure why. At any rate, it made me curious.

I wasn’t aware, but I thought this was a good review.

It certainly looks like a good option for mesh. The equivalent Eero (three full routers) would cost about $100 more.

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Dave Hamilton from the MacGeekGab thinks Synology’s mesh system is not as stable as those from Eero and other company who have been in the Mesh network business for longer. It’s getting there though, He said maybe in 2 or 3 firmware update. I bought the bigger version from Synology for work, but not setup as a mesh network, just the one router and it works very well.

Start with the RT2600 AC its a very good prosumer router.
Then add the MR2200AC extender as needed. If possible connect both units with a network cable. If you position these things well you should be able to cover a lot of space.

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