Synology v. Qnap

NAS Qnap or Synology? I’m looking to edit large video projects + post a video / link on my own server. So both technologies have advantages and looking for any feedback…

You may have already covered these, but a few thoughts:

Are you doing this at home?
Reason I ask is most home internet service is asymmetric, with high download speed, and paltry upload speed (which would be the speed data are sent to your clients).

There are also security considerations.

It might be better/safer/faster to share on iCloud, Box, etc. This would allow you to use a less expensive drive or raid array directly attached to your computer, which should be faster as well.

There’s also YouTube private videos.

If it’s porn, you might not be able to use the usual iCloud-type services. I’m not sure.

my personal preference is Synology. There are too many horror stories about randomware locking up Qnap NAS


Great info John… particularly wifi speed at my home also that the sharing of (non porno) video is very secondary … I’ve really only experienced YouTube and Dropbox but both seemed a bit lacking. My primary goal is working with large video files (eventually)… appreciate your input!

Thanks … I had noted that Qnap seemed to have more associations to hacked data, and, had been slow to deal with hacking typing issues … some years ago. Appreciate your input.

You’re welcome!

Couple of followups:
+1 for Synology

Test your internet speed:

Thanks tons …I had never tested my net speed before …but we just upgraded and happy with the results (relatively)

Another vote for Synology. Where I work we have both Synology and QNAP products and find the QNAPs require much more maintenance and babysitting. Synologys just work.

All this assuming both offer the features you are looking for.

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I use Synology NAS and have no issues. Compared to Drobo which I previously used and threw away, great and useful software.

My best suggestion, though, is that you use the Synology NAS for storage (videos, backups, etc.) and not the main drive for making videos. Network and the relatively slow NAS compared to your Mac will be noticeable. Use the local drive to get the performance that you will appreciate.

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I’ve been using Synologys for years, I currently have four (three entry level 2-bay devices, and the DS416play). The DS416play is now 6 years old and no issues. Sometimes I don’t log in for weeks or months (except to install DSM software updates which I prefer to do manually) and they just work. Other units are for backups and one serves solely as a surveillance station server.

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I like QNAP because I really have one(TS-453B mini).
It’s a much cheaper NAS that can load 4 HDDs and can upgrade to 12GB RAM(officially 8GB, actually 12GB).


One perk of the Qnap’s that has interested me is that they have cheaper NAS units with 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports, compared to the Synology systems.

However, I am a Synology user and have a DS220+ which I’m happy with.

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+yet another one for Synology. Mine is now 9 years old, but still purring along, albeit slowly.

As an avid listener of Steve Gibson’s “Security Now” podcast, I have also been well warned about the significant number of QNAP security vulnerabilities and their lack of timely patches. site search of podcast transcripts for the curious


Either attach the NAS with 10GBit/s or get a DAS. If by “large video files” you mean 4K and with “working” you mean video editing, a 1Gb/s NAS will make you very unhappy. I maxed the storage of my MBP and have huge SSDs in my PC to NEVER work(on video) from the NAS (I use Synology, connected with 2x1GB/s). I just use it to archive work.


I owned synology. It was ok. Then the CPU overheated and died. After some digging, it was a known bug and they hadn’t released a firmware patch for it.

Other flaws:

  • native Mac backup support was flaky
  • fairly lame performance when the CPU did work

I suspect my first gen M1 13” Touchbar MBP will eventually inhabit a closet and be the household server.

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Thanks for the feedback! I hope to direct connect via a 10Gbe connection. A number of components have to be in place to achieve the kind of speed necessary to video edit (that I understand from my limited research to date)…

Whichever you choose, either avoid making it accessible from the Internet, or be absolutely obcessive about patching it and take it off the Internet once security patches are no longer availbe. Between the time that I read this this morning and now, I was in a meeting were yet-another-consumer-NAS-remotely-exploitable-security-bug was discussed (this time QNAP). These issues are so very common on these kinds of devices.


Thank you for your feedback, data security is crucial.

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