System size infor just spinning

In about this mac, when I click on storage and manage , on the left pane on the bottom, the system section used to say like 5GB, it now never populates and just constantly spins, I’ve tried many various forum suggestions, from clearing SMS, cache, maintenance tips thoughts on a fix? Thx!

Tried repairing the disk permissions?

Yes, I have, among other steps, not sure what causes it, but every mac in the store displays it fast.

Same response when in Safe Mode?

A good isolation point would be to check in another user account as well.

thanks, I will try that.

Thanks, let us know the behaviour in both safe mode and new user account. I’ve seen a bit of these problems around…

No luck, on both safe mode and new user account, still just spins, I have not done a clean install yet, was trying to avoid that as much as I can. I might just hold off until I get a new Mac and then do a clean install and see if it still does it. I did get some advice that that number is not very accurate as it changes in big spreads without any major changes to hard drive space, so it might not be worth looking into any further, I was just curious.