T-Mobile not compatible with private relay

I just got a notification that T-Mobile isn’t compatible with private relay on dev beta 2. There was no issue in dev beta 1. What could the changes have been?

Apparently it is not just T-Mobile, it’s also occurring on some WIFI networks. There is speculation that some networks are having problems connecting with Apple’s servers.

I won’t be surprised if businesses block the use of private relay. Most take steps to prevent users from accessing “inappropriate sites” which it appears this feature would allow.


Or ISP’s blocking relay so they can keep selling user’s data?


Think you got a point there. See the same happening with VPNs. Completely blocked in some countries, but also often bandwidth/speed limited. My previous ISP here in the UK did not even allow me to change DNS settings. Had to install a hardware firewall to force DNS over HTTPS

I wouldn’t be surprised to see corporate networks and such blocking it, but I’m a little shocked that ISPs would (or would be permitted) to block it. These technologies are wonderful for consumers and pretty worrying for those of us who have to keep our workplace information systems safe.

It’ll be interesting to see Private Relay’s support in the workplace at launch. The reports of it not working on T-Mobile and other networks are intermittent and not happening to all users, so it’s probably just a beta bug in the meantime.

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It might take a while before we see what businesses think of private relay. But I expect a one click option to block it will soon be offered on many/most firewalls.

I’ll likely block it on non-BYOD networks. It’s a tricky line to walk between privacy and security, but I err on the side of security when it’s work related.

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I’m fairly sure it’s going to be blocked.
We surely block it on our corporate network. (not whitelisted, so blocked)
Our wifi which is not connected to corporate network will have access since we block nothing but malware sites there.