T-Mobile’s new TOS

Has anyone seen reports of T-Mobile’s new TOS stating they will be fine customers for texts that violate their TOS?

All of the information I’ve read comes from unreputable sources and I haven’t been able to find any sources on it I would trust.

If it’s true it makes me glad iMessage is available on every iPhone.

I realize this is more less-than-official information, but I found some notes here:

that would seem to imply this is targeted at commercial campaigns rather than end-users.


This is much more helpful than what I was reading. Thank you.

I was thinking of switching to T-Mobile earlier this year until I read this.


I’ve been through so many data breaches over the years that I now treat them like the California warnings about everything being a cancer risk. :frowning_face:


I’ve been with them for so long that I don’t think I can switch. I have 4 phones, and iPad, and 2 watches on my plan, plus Netflix for $140 and my bill is the same every month, no hidden taxes or fees. I’ve though about switching but remember how horrible Verizon’s billing was.


I understand. I think about changing my wireless company every few years but I never do. I set up my account for my employer in the late ‘90s. When I resigned my boss told me I could keep my phone, IF I took over the service contract.

Inertia: a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

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We have been on T-Moblie since before it was T-Mobile. I don’t even recall how long that was, but any time we need to call customer service, they make sure to remind us of our Long Term Super Awesome Customer status, as if that’s worth something. This news you mention also gives me pause. I have been considering the “discount” service providers (e.g., MacGeekGab’s favorite, Mint Mobile) but I can’t help but suspect the service or coverage is discounted along with the price. I live in a midsize city in the midwest and have been fairly well served by TMO over the years.

Does anyone have positive experience secondary carrier like Mint Mobile, etc.?

No, T-Mobile isn’t going to start policing customers’ personal texts

And in other news:

I have Mint and I’m happy with them. Going on my third year. That said, T-Mobile literally owns Mint. It would save you money, but I can’t imagine that any network-level TOS for TMO isn’t going to affect Mint customers as well.

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