Taio - Newcomer app in the IOS automation circle

Anyone else here who started to play with Taio?
It’s in Testflight now but I am kind of impressed by the implementation: it’s like a cross between a Drafts (triggers workflows on text documents) and IOS shortcuts itself with a built-in automation interface with actions you can chain up.
It should resonate with the crowd here!


Nice tip, thanks for sharing. It seems interesting. Sadly it suffers the same core problem as Drafts for me: import/export of files instead of acting on a synced folder of files. It looks like they’re trying to do some stuff with iCloud Drive, so maybe you’ll be able to add iCloud Drive locations at some point…!


Looks interesting. Thanks for flagging. Not sure if I’ll make serious use of it— as you say, it seems to sit in a space that’s already covered by Drafts and Shortcuts, but I’m kicking the tyres to see what it can do.

Also, digging into it has led me JSBox, which seems really capable for javascript automations, in a similar space as Scriptable. Definitely investigating that one further…


The app has been officially released to App Store for free. But unfortunately it kinda looks very likely to be a bait and switch to subscription, by looking at their TOS.

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Never mind. The developer behaves like a child. He blocked me on twitter and tried to get his followers to flame me after I expressed my concerns about bait and switch. Not to mention I was the one giving him coding advice just a few months ago…

For those who want to see the full conversation on Twitter


Well, now we have two threads, this and the other one where you’re venting about Taio’s dev. Maybe keep the venting to the other thread and let this one focus on the app?

I downloaded it this morning and it looks very interesting. As @ryanjamurphy mentioned would be nice to support synced folders – I’m thinking Taio would be a nice alternative to 1Writer for maintaining Obsidian documents on iOS/iPadOS. I like all the automation in Taio – lots of building blocks and interaction with Shortcuts and the data on the device.


Maybe look at the timestamp before commenting on this?

Yes, you posted your dislike for the developer here. And then today your started a fresh thread on the topic. Enough is enough, yeah?

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Do you have any legitimate reason for me to stop other than you don’t like it? Is there any rule saying I can’t express dissatisfaction with developers in multiple threads? They are not even on the same topic. You’re the one starting a discussion not related to the app itself in this thread. Quit bullying in this forum. Enough is enough, yeah?