Taking notes + recording actions concurrently?

I am recently in the mode of attending more PMO meetings for a major conversion program – the kind of thing that needs a lot of note taking and generates a lot of actions.

What’ I’ve hit upon for now is using split screen (works best on my 12.9" iPad) with either Noteshelf 2 (or GoodNotes 5) on the left 2/3, and OmniFocus on the right 1/3. With both of these notetakers it is easy to select handwritten text, and copy or drag it to the title of an action in the OF Inbox where the handwriting is converted to typography before pasting.

Does anyone have a similar or different approach to this? Seems like a standard use case.

My standard approach when taking notes in GoodNotes (and on paper in a Field Notes Steno Pad before that) has been to star any action items in the left margin as I take the notes, then go through after the meeting and turn those into OmniFocus actions. I find that flagging actions like this, but waiting to put them into OmniFocus (where they’ll need a project, tags, and perhaps due dates) keeps me more engaged with the meeting than trying to create them as tasks during the meeting. Whether an approach like this is viable probably depends on the volume of tasks though (I rarely leave a meeting with more than 3-4 tasks).

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Good point. If I’m a principal in the meeting then I usually wait until after for the action list, like @ChrisUpchurch mentioned. Depends on context.