Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink updated

Continuing the discussion from Obsidian for thinking and knowledge management:

Speaking of iterating, @Kourosh has released an update to his Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink.
This is a free update for those who have already purchased.

From the email:

After diving in and studying other note taking apps like Obsidian and Roam Research, I returned to DEVONthink with more conviction than ever. But I also came back with some neat ideas to implement.

Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink is now 20% larger than at its original release, with over 100 pages added.

The update includes:

A significantly updated set of Keyboard Maestro macros. Also available is an appendix referencing macros throughout the text
A study workflow using a “Leitner” study system
Updates to using bracketed WikiLinks, taking advantage of the new DEVONthink option to combine WikiLink options
A daily journal workflow
An experimental “sidebar” from a link
An updated style-sheet
… and much more!


Thanks for the heads up.

Apparently the update was only for people who purchased the material recently. I had to pay again for the book etc. to get version 1.3.

It’s worth it!!

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That’s strange. He released the book on May 26, and I bought on May 30, and have been getting all updates.

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Kourosh is gonna have to update again sometime soon! :wink:


I bought May 27 and was just able to download the latest update.

For those that have the book, any especially good features/workflows that you’ve found that makes this compelling? Not looking for a reason not to buy, more of a reason to buy. Sometimes I find that I fall into the productivity trap of spending more time working on a workflow than it actually saves.


Kourosh has a different approach to productivity. His is calm and thoughtful. I’m reading the update now, even though I don’t use DEVONthink for notes, just to see what his insights are, how they may have changed. Unlike the neuvo-productivity gurus that merely repackage and sell existing knowledge, Kourosh adds a lot of his own thinking.

So if you’re looking for "five quick hacks to BOOST your productivity ", he’s not your guy. If you’re looking for thoughtful insight, he’s your guy.

Ps. He also plays piano live on YouTube every Saturday morning at, I think, 11:00 EST.


I cannot… I probably shouldn’t tease, sorry! DEVONtech’s betas are great, though.

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For me, what separates Kourosh from those lifehackers is that Kourosh is a practicing psychotherapist whose work actually dovetails with his productivity advice. Such a huge difference. I’m a huge fan, obviously!


That seems like it should not have happened. Quoting from https://www.beingproductive.org/2020/10/taking-smart-notes-with-devonthink-updated-to-v1-3/:

Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink has just received a major update. If you’ve already purchased the book, you get the update for free. Just use your receipt to access your files…

Emphasis original. Might want to use the contact form and see if you can get it sorted.

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Seconded so much. Same goes for Nick Milo in the Zettelkasten space. There’s such a huge difference in the quality of such operative thinkers than with « lifehackers » who are only selling their productivity model which is only tested against using it to grow their own business. (cough Tiago Forte cough)


Thank you. I decided it is such an excellent book that I don’t mind paying for updates – IMO it’s underpriced for the benefit. Good work in this space deserves rewards.


I recall starting to follow two lifehackers at about the same time. One of them was a guy in his early 20s whose major accomplishment in life was running a lifehacking business. Another was a woman in her 50s (name escapes me – she’s been an MPU guest) who raised a big family AND then went to law school AND started a law practice and THEN did a productivity business and I’m exhausted just typing this sentence.


Kourosh was on a new episode of The Omni Group’s “The Omni Show” today, it was interesting! Seems like a great guy.

Was it Heather Hubbard and her Hustle & Flow podcast?

Don’t recall if it was she.