Talk MPU Feature - separate email for summary emails

I’m looking at reducing the number of email rules ( I have around 300 currently ) I have to maintain by using email aliases ( username+alias@domain ). They rules examine the sender, the recipient , the subject, and the body to decide what to do with the email.

eg. is it a newsletter to put in the newsletter folder ? is it a password reset? is it a weekly flyer from any number of online stores? Perhaps someone is making an offer on one of my Craigslist items ( I want to see that right away !) .

For these forums, I created a newsletter alias for summary emails , but I realized that password reset or other important emails would also go to that alias.

So, could we have a forum update / summary email in the settings? and another primary email for login and important messages? People could leave them the same, or set them to different values.


Could you make a rule based on the subject line?

I can make as many rules as I’d like. As I said above, I have around 300 rules handling incoming email now, and I have a few scripts running to delete emails over a certain age. Those are for emails that I don’t need to read for things like newsletters, weekly fliers, etc.

My goal is to simplify how I manage email by making a single-purpose email address, and single rule to act on emails to that address.

Let’s say I have 500 newsletter subscriptions , all with unique senders, subject lines , etc. So I’d have to create 500 rules to handle them. Or! Or I can make a newsletter email address and a single rule, then sign up for newsletters with that address.

500 rules vs 1 rules. Which one of these is easier to setup and manage?

How about two rules? If you route “] Summary” to newsletters you should be able to handle every Discourse forum.

I’ll probably need more than one rules since every site handles newsletters / updates differently. They have different from values, to values , subject lines, body content, etc. I’m doing my best to minimize the # of rules , regardless.

I’m looking at removing G Suite email filters and replacing them with Apple mail rules. Now that I see how much work it is, I want to design things such that my next move won’t take nearly as much work.

Discourse is just one of many types of sites that I receive newsletter from. I get them from blogs, tech sites like wirecutter, online stores, and so on.

I rely on gmail filters and don’t mind having so many filters. I started using Apple mail rules but it only runs when the computer is running unless you’re referring to iCloud rules?