Tangent - a note taking app with an interesting twist

Tangent is in alpha now. One of its interesting features is a path of your explorations as you navigate through and work with notes. If you feel like you’ve lost your way, you can just switch to the path view and double-click a note to return to it. I believe you can also edit the path. It also works in “Andy’s Mode” out of the box.

His website

Video of the developer giving a demo on “Tools for Thought Rocks!”, explaining why it’s not just an Obsidian plugin, etc.


Gingko meets Obsidian (distant child of Media Wiki), and spins off an Electron tree-writer app. And Andy Matuschak contributes his sliding-panels view to the cause.

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I’m hoping someone makes an Obsidian plugin. I hear @ryanjamurphy isn’t very busy these days.

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Ha! There is a Gingko-inspired plugin in the works, but I haven’t looked at it (nor Gingko itself) in much detail:


BRAT reports that artem-barmin/obsidian-tree-edit cannot be loaded because main.js is just the baseline boilerplate. Looks like no work is in progress.

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I suppose it isn’t ready for trying yet. More context in this thread, particularly the quote below:

I just talked to @artem unfortunately he is in the middle of the Ukraine crisis, so as you can understand he is dealing with a lot right now.

Which is why he asked me to see if anyone is interested to become a contributor to this project.

He told me the plugin is almost finished, he needs someone to help add it to Obsidian’s community plugins.

As well as help with documentation and possibly help with updates and bugs. (I’m not sure of all the details)

(from this reply to the thread)