Tapping canned response on Watch by mistake instead of “Dismiss”

Am I the only one who sometimes sends one of the canned replies when receiving an incoming text message on the Watch, when trying to tap the “Dismiss” button? Perhaps I tap the button before the Watch is ready, so it instead sends whatever canned response is underneath the button? It’s gotten to the point where I’m afraid to dismiss a message, for fear of replying by accident. And if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the canned replies, so there are no replies showing under the “Dismiss” button, the button no longer works. This is a Series 5 Watch, running the latest OS.

i can’t say i’ve had that problem. sorry. (AW6)

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Yes! I wish there were no canned replies

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I tested this UI when I received a test. I see exactly what you mean—the way the Dismiss button floats over those one-tap replies and takes a moment to appear feels precarious.

I’ve always dismissed alerts by pressing the crown button, for whatever reason. Much more reliable.

I do have 3-4 useful custom canned replies so wouldn’t want them gone, but if that dismiss button’s going to be in that view it should always be in the same place.


Yes, me too! Twice, and only since the latest WatchOS update. I had been wondering whether there was a minor user interface change that had make this more likely to happen.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Will this also mark the incoming message as read, like the Dismiss button will do?

No, if you just press the crown on the notification, it won’t be marked as read.

If you tap the body of the text and then press the crown, though, it’ll be marked as read. I tested just now and you can do that tap and press as quickly as tapping dismiss and the message is such a big tap target that there’s no risk of sending a message.


Awesome! Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

Yes, I too am having this same issue. Since the latest Apple Watch update, I’ve responded things like “OK” & “Great” to text messages when I actually clicked on “Dismiss”. I thought it was because I was doing so in a hurry, but just tested it twice by sending to myself & both times, the auto-response underneath the word “Dismiss” was what was sent when I tapped on “Dismiss”. Wonder if this is a bug with the latest update? Thanks for recommendation about using crown to dismiss instead of using “Dismiss”…but wish that would work too.