Task management app with the option to visualize tasks in different ways?

Lurking through the internet I have found some apps which now I can’t remember their name, that let you visualize your tasks or projects in different views.

Kind of like Trello (board, table or timeline) and other products that go as far as showing everything in a mind map. Another good example that isn’t marketed as task management but offers several views of your information is Aeon Timeline. Similarly, workflowy has the outliner and kanban (fractal board) to show tasks.


Taskade allows several different views


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TaskHeat’s another one, but never stuck for me:

Modern PKM apps like Obsidian and LogSeq could let you lay things out on the new infinite canvas modes. Curio can do something similar IIRC.


This may not be what you are looking for but Asana offers several views including calendar, boards, GANTT charts and more.

I really like this app - just not as a task manager. It looks beautiful, but importantly, it lays out information in a way that is easy to parse.

I wish the devs would use the engine (or whatever the correct phrase is) to allow you to make multiple-way manual connections. I once used it to help build a narrative for a presentation and it almost worked.I love the idea of using it as a “thinking board” for essays, notes and idea development, or making sense of loads of information in the same area.


I really like the visualisation of this, and the ability to branch off and come back to the central “timeline”


I remember I tried it 2 years ago, I’ll se what’s changed. Thanks!

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If only curio (zengobi) had a mobile app. You can run your whole life there. And I really like that you can store things like notes or cool things you find around the web and documents, while at the same time you have another space for your tasks and projects.

I’m not a fan of Obsidian or Logseq, but do like workflowy. I’ll see what taskheat has to offer.

That timeline can be a nice view of your tasks. I haven’t tried it yet but if you can lay out your long term goals while at the same time seeing how they connect to your short-medium term goals, that’s a good feature.

I use Taskheat every so often when I’ve got a bunch of tasks I need to do for a project and I want to plan out the sequence I do them in.

Being able to see the dependencies in 2D is very helpful

i.e. it’s a simple visual PERT chart

It’s not the sort of tool I’d use every day.


I created my own timeline/ kanban-like board in Curio that gives me a high level view of the month. It helps me see and keep track of the larger tasks & projects that I’m working on. I populate it with objects, mostly squares, to represent these projects. I like that I can make them however I want, usually adjusting the size for emphasis. I often put links in them. But all my daily subtasks are handled elsewhere.


I’ve found The Amazing Marvin an interesting way of looking at my projects and tasks. It allows you to switch to different workflows such as switching to a Things-like workflow or OmniFocus-like workflow or Kanban or eat the frog.

I’m currently not a user as my own workflow has been pretty well set and I didn’t really have the need to change to Amazing Marvin.


Thanks, I’ll check it out!

ClickUp allows multiple visualizations of tasks

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