Task management apps that work with Catalina Reminders

I have used Apple Reminders for many years. As well, I’ve used 2Do as a front-end for some better list views. Quite simply, my primary view by list in 2Do is to only see tasks with no due-date or a past due date. I’ve been using 2Do on both Mac and iOS

With the Catalina update to Reminders and loss of Caldav support, 2Do will no longer synch to Reminders. If I understand correctly.

Assuming I do, any recommendations for other apps that work with the new Catalina Reminders database that provide the simple capability I describe? That is, a view by Reminders List to display only due tasks. Simple needs… ideas? Thanks as always for the wisdom of this group! – jay

I’d suggest checking out GoodTask.

Yes, GoodTask or maybe Memento (formerly ‘Reminder’)


I see the following info on GoodTask’s site:

About new features on the new Reminders app

Sad news is that no new API was released for the new Reminders app so GoodTask will have no direct access to the data that will be added on the new Reminders app. GoodTask has added a dedicated button inside a task at the bottom to open new Reminders app directly if you’d like to make use of the new Reminders app’s features while using GoodTask. (Settings - Advanced - Show Reminders Button)

I read that to imply they are in the same boat as 2Do. That is, new reminders added in Reminders App are not visible/usable by GoodTask. ie, not a solution for the problem I’m trying to solve. Correct? I’m not willing to make a $19.99 bet to test that! :wink:

GoodTask does work with the new Reminders database format, it just can’t access any new fields that aren’t supported in the old API.

They also have a 14 day free trial so you can check to see if it meets your needs before committing to any spend.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try — jay

@RogerDowning thanks again for the GoodTask recommendation. Seems to be a perfect solution for my needs. Cheers!

You’re welcome. I’m glad it fitted the bill.