Task Manager Conundrum

I’ve been using Todoist for years and I can say I’m a happy client. There are a few things that grate on me, most of them relate to the Outlook add-in, since I often add emails as tasks.

For example, why does the date picker show a different day to start the week between the app and Outlook add-in? Also, the “Add to Todoist Inbox” button in the Outlook Extension doesn’t work. It just hangs. I sent a ticket to them about this months ago and they just emailed me last week saying “we’re still working on this”. Luckily, I can add tasks using the “Add to Todoist” button. Point is, their Outlook extension is not great.

In an effort to pair down some of my subscriptions, I’m looking at my Todoist which renews soon. It’s not a huge outlay, but I work in a Microsoft 365 organization and everything is MS. I’ve been tempted a few times in the past by Microsoft To Do. I love that you can just flag an email to have it show up in your task list, and their “My Day” functionality is pretty slick. I just feel like getting around is a bit slower, and when a lot of tasks build up, it’s easier to slice and dice views with Todoist, to say nothing of their Kanban functionality as well.

That said, is it worth $60 a year to put up with a few annoyances? MS ToDo is also better integrated with 365 and my workplace. Wondering if you guys/gals have any experience with ToDo. I mean, I’ve used it a lot as well, but curious to hear others thoughts.

Some final thoughts:

  • The Todoist extension or add-in is allowed by my organization, but I work with sensitive data. Maybe it would be safer to stick with the provided ToDo
  • My To Do account requires periodic sign-in. Kind of a pain when you have to sign in every 5-7 days. I don’t love that
  • if I switched to ToDo, I’d put my personal tasks into Reminders. This kind of splits me up as opposed to everything in Todoist.

Lots of considerations.

I’m now using ToDo for my tasks, and I use the flag system.

I find it fine for my basic needs. I write the tasks as actions (email John for feedback on comms plan for #projectX). I tag the project so I can the search for everything to do with the project and also add a #time so I can see how long I estimate a tasks will take to manage timeframes. I use the “My Day” function too, to get my 3-5 big tasks in.

I put my personal tasks in there as well so everything is in one place.

Overall, I wouldn’t gush about it. But it gets the job done. :man_shrugging:

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I’ve long thought about this option and I don’t have access to the Todoist Outlook Add-in (job won’t enable it).

However, I’ve just found Todoist’s NLP too useful to ever consider switching. Also, not wild about the idea of splitting work and personal tasks and my mind definitely likes to see it all together.

That being said, the more you use Microsoft apps the more benefit you get, so I def see the logic.

I dream of having 5-7 days login time, my current company changed their policy very recently to every 24 hours for each application (OneDrive, Outlook, Teams etc.) Drives me up the wall :rofl::rofl:

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I’ve tried ToDo, but it just wasn’t for me.

I used to use Todoist, but it just become a little costly for me, so I switched to TickTick. It’s cross platform, has filtering capabilities, I can forward email to my TickTick address, and it runs $27.99 per year.

I’ve decided to stick with Todoist. I like everything in one spot and it works well for me.

I’ve tried TickTick in the past but it’s ownership causes me concern, and Things 3 is cool but it’s Mac only (I use Windows at work) and the natural language processing omission is too great a hill to climb.